January 23, 2018

Set Students Up for a Lifetime of Practical Skills

Season 2, Episode 9

Read. Regurgitate. Repeat. Dr. R. Eric Landrum, Ph.D., says students are often prepared for multiple choice exams, but not opportunities to think critically. But Dr. Landrum had an “aha” moment: students could either memorize 800 pages of an Intro to Psych textbook, or take five themes from said book to effect meaningful life changes. No matter how well that book was written, Dr. Landrum says only one of these models can set up students for long-term practical skills. Listen to Dr. Landrum’s model for a 22nd Century Higher Education, and ways to put as much focus on practical skill development as you would knowledge acquisition. 


Guest Biography

R. Eric Landrum is a professor of psychology at Boise State University, receiving his PhD in cognitive psychology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. His research interests center on the educational conditions that best facilitate student success as well as the use of SoTL strategies to advance the efforts of scientist-educators.  He has over 400 professional presentations at conferences and published over 25 books/book chapters, and has published over 75 professional articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. He has worked with over 300 undergraduate research assistants and taught over 13,000 students in 24 years at Boise State.  During Summer 2008, he led an American Psychological Association (APA) working group at the National Conference for Undergraduate Education in Psychology studying the desired results of an undergraduate psychology education.  During the October 2014 Educational Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, Eric was presented with a Presidential Citation from then APA President Nadine Kaslow for his outstanding contributions to the teaching of psychology. 

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