October 4, 2017

Seizing Your Aha! Moments

Season 2, Episode 4

You know those moments: when you spark up a new idea, and you can just imagine the cartoon lightbulb flashing above your head. Well, according to brain research by Dr. Katherine Ramsland, an actual spark occurs in the right temporal lobe when you’re feeling rather brilliant. More than a matter of shifting your thoughts, these “snaps” have a three-step process—and Dr. Ramsland wants you to take control of them. Here, Professor Jeffrey Armstrong returns for part two of his conversation with Dr. Ramsland. Learn what’s making you snap—in a good way—and how to make it happen more often. 


Guest Biography

Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., began her career as an undergraduate with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. She then went into a master's program at Duquesne University that combined them, but moved on to a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Having spent time as a Therapist and an Experimental Psychology Lab Assistant, she ultimately decided to pursue another Master’s Degree at John Jay College of Criminal Justice—this time in Forensic Psychology, which changed her life. Now, she’s a Professor of Forensic Psychology at DeSales University and the author of 60 books. Dr. Ramsland loves exploring the developmental trajectory of people who become criminal offenders—especially serial killers—as well the fine details of individual casework. These have been her passion for more than two decades, and she tries to pass along this interest to her students.

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