January 23, 2018

Engaging Students Inside Psychology Experiments

Season 2, Episode 7

Get the best of two psychology podcasts in one. Our own Jeffery Armstrong hosts Dr. Michael Britt, Ph.D., of popular podcast The Psych Files in a session filled with strategies for teaching Psychology experiments. Learn how recording an episode about immersing students in Elizabeth Loftus’ Eyewitness Testimony led to 50 experiment ideas bound in Britt’s aptly titled Psych Experiments—and how to get your students to think critically about research methods. 

Guest Biography

Ever since 1990 when Michael A. Britt, Ph.D., began teaching Psychology, he’s enjoyed telling students about the exciting research conducted in the field. Dr. Britt started his Psychology podcast, The Psych Files, in 2007 because of his love for Psychology, technology and education. He traces his love for Psychology back to the 1970s—when he first picked up a book on body language—and discovered how fun it is to learn the reasoning behind peoples’ behaviors. Today he works full time at Cengage, adjuncts at Marist College, celebrates over 10 years of maintaining his podcast, and has even created a few Psychology study apps for iOS and Android. Always interested in giving new technology a try, he was recently interviewed on NPR about his use of Snapchat and the teaching of Psychology.

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